Ham Radios: What You Need to Know

Had radios are also known as amateur radios, and the person broadcasting is known as the “Ham.” Ham radios were built to test wireless communications that would later be used for socialization and emergency communication. The Ham radio was invented in the early 20th century and was used by amateur radio enthusiasts to create their … Read more

Wireless Communication

Types of Wireless Communication

Wireless communication has become a norm today but it was not so two decades ago. Mobile devices and computers use wireless data connections between their network nodes. You do not need complicated wiring systems today to connect your computer to the network. A wireless network allows you to access your data from any corner of … Read more

Police scanners

Digital Police Scanners: What You Need to Know

Police scanners may not seem like an important gadget for you to learn about, but it is still one of the most important technologies. Police scanners are valued in every industry, agency, community, and public places. Police scanners are used commonly by law enforcement and other emergency services to connect to a common channel at … Read more