Digital Police Scanners: What You Need to Know

Police scanners may not seem like an important gadget for you to learn about, but it is still one of the most important technologies. Police scanners are valued in every industry, agency, community, and public places. Police scanners are used commonly by law enforcement and other emergency services to connect to a common channel at a certain frequency to communicate the emergency.

The police scanners have seen a tremendous change in technology in the past few years. With the evolution of the communication system, the police scanners have also upgraded their technology, making them potent even today. There are plenty of range systems and other features included in police scanners today.

How does a police scanner work

Police scanners are similar to ham radios and work as a radio broadcasting device. The radio waves are transitioned into sound waves using a transistor. Police scanners are quite different from AM or FM radios. It can broadcast multiple receivers at the same time. However, police scanners cannot transmit on government channels as it is illegal. There are three modes available in a modern police scanner – scan mode, manual scan mode, and search mode.

Scan mode: The receiver will change the frequencies to find an ideal frequency that the sender transmits. The panel will display the frequency that the device is scanning.

Manual scan mode: The user can control the reiver to change the frequency to the required frequency using a button or a turn dial. This can help them quickly move to the desired frequency without the need for scanning unnecessarily.

Search mode: The receiver will search for a frequency within two predetermined sets of channels. It is useful when the scan mode is slow and does not know the right frequency.


Types of police scanners in the market

Police scanners are available in the market today, but all the scanners may not have all the features. However, all the police scanners must have standard technology.

Handheld scanners: These police scanners are portable and can be held in hand. They are useful for people who need to travel while using the scanner. These handheld models are extremely popular in the market. You can check this guide to find the best handheld police scanner.

Desktop: Desktop police scanners are bigger in size as they are build to cover a longer range. They have a wall-mounted output. It is not portable, but it can be installed in vehicles. These scanners have amazing pickup power and have several other built-in features.

Base/Mobile: These police scanners are the middle ground of desktop and handheld scanners. Since these are portable, they can be carried around. They can also be mounted and plugged into the wall. Those who are looking for portable wall-mounted scanners, desktop scanners, or handheld scanners can choose wisely between them based on what offers them the most convenience and features.