Types of Wireless Communication

Wireless communication has become a norm today but it was not so two decades ago. Mobile devices and computers use wireless data connections between their network nodes. You do not need complicated wiring systems today to connect your computer to the network. A wireless network allows you to access your data from any corner of the world today. This is due to digital modulation, adaptive modulation, access multiplexing, and information compression. As the distance between two devices increases, the network becomes even more complex. Here are the wireless communication systems that we use every day in general.


Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) are used to connect two short-ranged devices. The routers that we use have the WPAN technology that connects them to the nearby devices. WPAN can cover a range of up to 30 feet and is usually applied only to home devices. WPAN network includes

Bluetooth – Bluetooth is a two-way communication system that is completely wireless. The two devices that want to connect can pair in simple steps but have to be close to each other. Blue tooth is used for file transfer and to connect devices like wireless headphones, mouses, keyboards to the main device.

Infrared – IR communication is also wireless

Infrared wireless communication is carried over infrared waves from one device to another. The infrared technology works with the electromagnetic spectrum. IR frequency is between microwaves and visible light ranges. It can transfer data only when the two devices are in the line of sight. There should be no obstacle in-between.



Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) can connect multiple devices to a single router through a wireless distribution. The devices connected to WLAN can cover a lot of range. It is used in homes and offices to keep the people connected.


WiFi – Wi-Fi is a smart technology used for connecting computers wirelessly. It has a wired internet connection that uses a router. The router can connect with multiple devices that accept WiFi connections, such as smartphones, lap tools, and smartwatches. It can cover an office area and around 10-20 meters around the house.


Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN) is a connection between metropolitan areas that consists of several other smaller networks. These smaller networks are also connected to wirelessly. This helps the big organizations stay connected to all their branches spread across the city.

WiMAX – WiMAX is a wireless broadband system that can deliver data at the speed of 30 megabits every second or even faster. WiMAX is also known today as the 4G wireless technology.


Wireless Wide Area Network is used as a long-range wireless network. The cellular companies that provide internet and connectivity in all parts of the world use the WWAN. WWAN is maintained on a large scale basis for years. The WWAN networks use satellites at times to transmit the signals from the transmitter to the receiver.